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She felt him begin to twitch inside her. So will many more!

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Naruto said, "Now then, are you up for another round? A month went by since Naruto made those three women his sex slaves, and fucked them every chance he gets when he's alone with one of them or two or all three for that matter, he fucked them in almost any room in the house. Kurenai found out that Asuma was cheating on her before Naruto made her his slut. She broke up with him and humiliated him in front of a crowd by using her high skill in Genjutsu to make Asume to act like a certain Toad Sage, the slutty yugao lemon fanfiction proclaimed slutty yugao lemon fanfiction pervert.

Asuma was quickly chased by the women of the group with any sharp pointy object that they could find, and torches for some reason.

Now, no woman would even consider dating him! Said Toad Sage tried to save him. Now the women were chasing slutty yugao lemon fanfiction of them trying to remove their genitalia. Naruto laughed long and hard when he saw that while heading home from training, he thought that slutty yugao lemon fanfiction was going to die laughing. Only about a week after slutty yugao lemon fanfiction, he founds a woman with short blue hair and amber eyes with s,utty eyeshadow with a labret piercing, he found out that this blue haired woman is from Akatsuki.

From what he heard, the blue haired woman had told the Hokage everything about what Akatsuki was up to, including future plans. Soon after that, the blue hair woman had moved into Naruto's house, since there were rooms to spare, she also told him that she was a student of the perverted Toad Sage when she her two friends were little kids. In this expositional onslaught, she slutty yugao lemon fanfiction gave Naruto her name, Konan, no family name was given.

Naruto was enjoying a rare weekend off, as he had been running several missions lately. Right now, slutty yugao lemon fanfiction but two were away on said missions. It slutty yugao lemon fanfiction early enough in the morning that Naruto was going to make breakfast since his mom Kushina was away on a mission, Naruto on the door he stood in remote control sex toys for men of, "Hey Konan!

Konan was in a blue skimpy Bikini that barely covers her large breasts it just covers her nipples and pussy. Konan didn't seem to be bothered by Naruto's eyeing her, "You were saying Naruto-kun? Naruto gained control of himself as he said of what he was came to say, "Yes, Sorry!

I'm asking if you want any breakfast? I'm making it since Kaa-san is away on slutty yugao lemon fanfiction mission. I'm so going to make her sluttu Konan nodded, "Yes, I would, but after slutty yugao lemon fanfiction sunbath though. And when she walk passed him, Naruto noticed her large, plump ass swaying kim possible incest hentai to side. Once she headed down stairs, Naruto's thoughts went wild, ' she's one hell of a tease and she doesn't even know it!

And I'm going to make that tease mine to fuck! So Naruto removed his shirt and heads out toward the back of the house, he found Konan laying on her long towel on the patio with her lsutty on and her sunscreen next to her. Sorry guys, but she will be mine! Konan handed him the sunscreen and turned around to lay on her front, her breasts remained covered as she undid the knot to her top.

Naruto puts sunscreen on Konan's back and begins to massage sluhty in, while he's at it, Konan makes her own move. Naruto moved to grope her breasts as they seperate, Konan said with a moan. She returned it, blushing at the way Naruto's language increases her pleasure.

Naruto removed her bikini top yugal his teeth as he circled her clit with his index finger as her juice leaked. When he felt Konan's pussy was wet enough, Naruto took off the bottoms slutty yugao lemon fanfiction her bikini slutty yugao lemon fanfiction lifted her lower half to enjoy a second meal.

Konan moaned like crazy while blushing badly. Naruto continues to lick her until she came, he licked her juice from her pussy clean of every drop, he then stood up and removed his clothes to reveal his thirteen girls playing stripping games cock sensual adventures puppetmaster it's throbbing glory.

Fanfictioon was shocked, "I-it's h-huge, a-and as t-thick a-as an a-arm! Konan nodded as she said, "Yes Naruto-kun. Your breasts are beyond the normal level of softness Konan-chan! Your hands and cock only no other man will feel my breasts slutty yugao lemon fanfiction are yours to do with as you please Naruto-kun. Konan starts to move her breasts up and down Naruto's cock. And Naruto is enjoying her moving her breasts on his cock as Konan is blushing badly as she moving her breasts up and down more on Naruto's cock.

Koana starts licking top part of Naruto's cock then starts sucking it while rubbing the rest of it with her breasts, Naruto is loving it even more. They stay like this for a good hour with Naruto cumming a few times as his cum fills up Konan's stomach as well covering her face, hair and breast of it, and right now, Konan is sucking Naruto's cock in order to make him cum for a 3rd time as she bobbing her head fast as Naruto says, "OH yes I am going to have fun forming your pussy to fit my cock.

With that in mind, Konan starts moving her head download game kasumi rebirth faster than before as she sweating a lot as she bobbing faster and faster as she sucking Naruto's cock.

Naruto is loving konan's mouth until he slutty yugao lemon fanfiction take it more, as he slutty yugao lemon fanfiction his 3rd load of cum into Konan's wonderful mouth as she tries to drink all of it but it was too much as she redraws it from her mouth and letting the rest of Naruto's cum famfiction her face thus getting covered of it along with her breasts.

And seeing this, Naruto feels his cock getting even more harder and harder, slutty yugao lemon fanfiction he see Konan licking the last xlutty it on her breasts as she blushing badly, once she was finished, Naruto told her to slutty yugao lemon fanfiction on her bed and hold slutyt legs upward, and Naruto knees in front of her with his cock slutty yugao lemon fanfiction top of Konan's pussy with her blushing badly while moans lightly.

Naruto starts rubbing her pussy with his cock as he asked her this, "how badly do you want this cock in you Konan? Fuck me and impregnate me!

Please I can't fajfiction it anymore! Plus Making you a slut would be nice. As Naruto thinking that it's good thing that the neighbors ain't home right now as he thrusting his cock harder while feeling how tight her insides are and Konan screaming louder as she let of her legs and her breasts bouncing upon each thrust Naruto makes.

Naruto grabs her breasts while thrusting into her pussy as well inner walls even more as he a family affair porn video her breasts and twisting her nipples lightly with Konan screaming with all her might and more. Naruto fucks Konan for 30 minutes as well filling her up with two loads of his cum inside her and her naked women jigsaw puzzles which she just loves the fanflction of Naruto's warm cum inside so much that she wants even more, but Naruto had lifts her up and carries fanfictoin his cock still inside of her.

He carries her through the house while fucking her to his room, and once they enter, Naruto place Konan on his bed and right there, he went full on breaker on her which makes Konan screaming with all her might as they unknowing slutty yugao lemon fanfiction they will fucking for hours on end like they in heat. Naruto is thrusting into Konan's pussy harder and harder as Konan her self is screaming as much as she cum as both her and Naruto so sweating and her stomach is so full of cum she looks to be ten months pregnant with twins.

But what they don't interactive gay porn games that a centrin two had just arrived home and heading up stairs as Naruto is thrusting his cock into Konan even more until he fires his latest load of cum inside as it filling it up Konan's womb even more before as the door opens up and the ones behind are.

Temari and Samui opened the door and what they see is something any word that could be said as they see their boyfriend Naruto cheating on them with Konan who had passed out with a smile on her face. As they say, "N-Naruto! Naruto starts explaining that, this in fact started with His mother Kushina started renting out rooms with hot and sexy women and since he's the only male in the whole house, and not only that, it's also kinda sluyty fault since they weren't ready for sex and fanficyion just couldn't hold back his sexual lust anymore, When Anko pulled a sexy act fantiction him and he just lost it and had sex with her on the slutty yugao lemon fanfiction as well making her into his sex slave and he did the same towards Kurenai and Pakura.

They were shocked at what they were hearing but they could not argue with what he said. In their minds they think that it is true it is not easy to control his lust in this house. I should have let you had your way with me sooner! Temari says the same thing as well, then slutty yugao lemon fanfiction, "is there anything we could do to make it up to you?

Naruto is licking both of Temari's left and Samui's right breasts as both blond girls are moaning loudly while blushing badly, as he groping their other breasts.

Naruto stops xlutty they breasts as he quickly makes a clone as both Naruto and his clone stand in front of the two blonde girls as Samui and Temari are thinking the same thing and that is ' Naruto-kun just got finished fucking Konan and making her his and he is still very hard.

I can't wait for that to be in me. Temari who is on top of the clone as she's sucking his cock like there tomorrow with hearts popping out her head and hearts appear in her eyes while moaning on it and the clone is licking her pussy deeply as well fingering it as well as she leaking out her juice like a waterfall as Temari is thinking ' now I know how he broken the others and to breaking even more' said in her thoughts as she sucking the clone of her boyfriend's cock more than she did before as the clone is licking and fingering her pussy even more.

And from seeing that, Samui blushing badly slutty yugao lemon fanfiction she decides to go with blowjob by start licking Naruto's cock as she thinking ' This cock is a bitch breaker maybe I can help him get his aunt, mother and my friends to become his women alone never to fuck another man and only be Naruto-kuns sluts fanfictioon As Samui was thinking slutty yugao lemon fanfiction hearts were coming out of her head and her eyes gained hearts as slutry.

Temari remove the clone's cock from her mouth as she has hearts in her eyes, Naruto redraws his cock from Samui's mouth and Samui has hearts in her eyes as well, as they tasting the cum of Naruto's as they say, "Please fuck use make us your goddesses to fuck when ever you wish. Bend us over and ravage our pussies. Tattoo our asses or breasts or lower backs to say 'This Slutty yugao lemon fanfiction is Property of Naruto hands off or die' to show we belong to you.

Naruto smiles, "oh don't you worry, I will" said Naruto as he and his cock are ready to fuck them senseless, just like he did with Konan.

Naruto lifts up Samui as the clone does the same with Temari and they have Samui and Temari against each other with their breasts pushing each other with their nipples onto each other as well and blonde girls blushing beyond normal levels. Hell we would fuck each other for him. As they are making out, Naruto grabs Samui's ass and the clone grabs Temari's ass and they slammed their cocks into their pussies as both stopped making yyugao and let out a loud scream as blood leaking out of their pussies as they look toward them.

After a few minutes they went back to making out, slutty yugao lemon fanfiction with that the two Naruto start thrusting their cocks into them as they are making even more fanficgion holding each others hands and their breasts are bouncing against each other. The xlutty Narutos keep thrusting their cocks into his two slutty yugao lemon fanfiction girlfriends pussies more and more as well making the thrusts faster and harder as Samui and Temari are making out even more while blushing even more.

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Naruto has Samui against the window as he thrusting into her like crazy and her stomach is so swollen up with his cum that she looks about 5 months pregnant as Samui screaming out with all her heart as Temari is being fucked by two clones of Naruto and she's loving it greatly. Plus I bet at my little pony interactive point, you can't live without my cock can you my Samui-hime. Naruto's Aunt who is also Kushina's little Sister by one year, her name is Arkine Uzumaki, and she's slutty yugao lemon fanfiction watching them having sexy for awhile now as she fingering herself and groping her own Gugao cup breasts and lightly twisting her nipple as she's not wearing anything she had take them off when she get home, and she's looking behind the door as it open just a bit, ' I will get that nephew to become my boytoy and steal him from his girlfriend's.

And maybe involving completely free cartoon porn big sister Kushina into this as well, ' I never thought that he would get such a huge cock ' said Arkine as she keeps watching them.

Samui is standing at the front door as she is wearing her bra and panties as she normally does at home as she's fanficiton to sees, Karui, Yugito and Mabui as they say, "surprise!

It was Karui who answered "We thought of a surprise visit. Samui hugs slutty yugao lemon fanfiction three of them and Naruto who just came down to see who it is, little slutty yugao lemon fanfiction all three of them know, Naruto just finished putting both Kurenai and Anko in a faanfiction sex coma in Kurenai's room. Naruto does not have a shirt dream job season 2 episode 10 walkthrough and he see the slutty yugao lemon fanfiction and thinks ' They would make fine breeders and additions to becoming my sex slaves once I break them.

As all three girls of Kumo are checking him as they think ' he's ripped! Samui is so lucky to have him as a boyfriend! They think that Naruto isn't noticing them looking at him but in truth he does notice as he rudolphs revenge rockcandy for each of them, as he starts thinking about Karui first, ' Sorry Chouji but I'm going to make her mine as I break slutty yugao lemon fanfiction and make her scream my name' then his thoughts about Mabui, slktty oh?

"Please keep fucking this horny sensei like the slut that she really is. Once she passed out from hours of sex he just moved to a hidden pathway near them and.

Her breasts are big as Samui's but her ass is much more bigger, I'm going to enjoy fucking her. Samui along with her friends are in the living room as they are catching up as well what happen since Samui had moved away from Kumo, "let get me this right? My super hot headed brother got himself a girlfriend? And Samui noticed slutty yugao lemon fanfiction as she knows of what he's going to do as she gives him a look to that says, 'hide Naruto-kun' and Naruto nods as he yyugao as Samui says as she fans herself, "is it me?

Vanfiction is it getting a bit too hot in here? Which he did when he sees Samui fanfitcion a twitch slutty yugao lemon fanfiction her index finger with her eyes looking toward him, so Naruto nods and makes 3 clones of himself.

As the clones grabs all three of their breasts as they moan in surprise, "w-what?! The first Clone of Naruto or Naruto 2, takes Karui toward the couch and gets Karuo on his lap with his cock against her pussy as she says as she being hold by her legs and her arms behind Naruto 2's shoulder"w-wait! Please I beg of you! Don't fuck me as I want him to be my first! I didn't take you to have this kind of fetish Karui-chan?

Naruto 3 who already slutty yugao lemon fanfiction like a madman into Mabui's slutty yugao lemon fanfiction ass as she screamin like theres is no tomorrow, and Naruto 4 is getting a blowjob by Yugito who seems to be willing to do it as she blushing badly.

I can make you yuao all about Chouji! Do you have anyone yuugao you love?! Yugito is now deep throating Naruto 4's cock as she bobbing her faster and faster as she able only take less than half since his cock is very hard as well thick and huge for her while she thinking, ' h-how could they able to take this cock! It's so big and hard! As 30 minutes later by, Karui is yelling out "YES! The rest Naruto is letting Samui rest since he did had a night long sex with her and Temari after all, so right now he's thrusting into Sluttu pussy while her ass slutty yugao lemon fanfiction still being thrusted by Naruto 3 as Slutty yugao lemon fanfiction is yelling slutty yugao lemon fanfiction "YES!

And like that Naruto and his clones keep yuago 4 girls of Kumo until all noon long, and in there times. All the Naruto fuck in all kinds of Positions, like for Mabui, he double her ass which breaks her mind even further then it already is, and other when he thrusts his cock so deep inside of Yugito that he might have completely reshape her pussy to match his cock.

And finally, he and his clone gang Karui and they fuck her into oblivion and made her lost all thoughts of who she had loved completely as she wants Naruto and Naruto only. Naruto has his clones to carry the uncold girls of kumos to they rooms and they stomach are so swollen that all 3 of them look about 10 month pregnant with triplets as he has Samui in his arms slutty yugao lemon fanfiction he asked her "do you think I might have overdid with them?

Samui rubbing her own swollen stomach said "No you didn't. Now they will never go for another man only you. Now we naruto sexy no jutsu hentai cuddling tonight got it. Naruto just returned home after erotic interactive stories meeting with Tsunade once was only 10 slutty yugao lemon fanfiction as it about the last mission he went and during the whole thing, Naruto couldn't get his eyes off Tsunade Gigantic breasts.

He went up to his room and he saw Samui waiting for him. When he got closer to her chains appeared binding him to the wall next to the real Samui who is milf next door saeko walkthrough up. Temari just struck her in the head and then went over to free them.

After they were freed they tied up Arkine. Arkine is waking up and soon found out that she can't move at all as slutty yugao lemon fanfiction quickly opens her eyes and sees that she tied up then noticed Naruto, Samui and Temari in front of her as Samui and Temari say.

With that they lead her to the torture dungeon where there are machines made for sex and Samui and Temari pull out paddles with rape faces on. And Arkine is shock and scared of what they going to do to her, "w-what a-are you t-two g-going to do me? Naruto is looking toward the room that Samui and Temari take his Aunt Arkine into and he gets lock out then he hears loud moans behind it as he thinking while looking at the door, ' what ever fanficiton two are doing to her, I will make sure to never make them anger or else they might do that to me' as he sweat drops.

And during this, Naruto had to make sure that his mother Kushina doesn't hear Arkine's moans since it's very found or go to it, and not only that. I was sleeping for a lemob as Full-Dive VR technology was coming long distance vibrator app. It is why that the Digidestined have become the Data Squad. It might have to do with their babies. You did say that your magic spells have been a little too powerful lately.

With Hinata, there is Lita, Kasumi, Ranko, and Korra in which Yuyao and Korra slutty yugao lemon fanfiction flabbergasted by the huge number of cinnamon rolls in front of them. However, there is no problem with your babies. In fact, they are the healthiest that I have ever seen. The most powerful versions of his Six Slutty yugao lemon fanfiction powers. It was born of the same powers that gave Serena her most powerful forms teasing holidays walkthrough Sailor Cosmos.

And Mirai and Riko have powers that come from another universe. Neither to Mirai, Riko, or the slitty. Your moaning is just as bad as Hinata. Tayuya then transforms into Curse Seal Form Two unexpectedly. They are just mere bandits after all. We are pregnant after all. My baby's pulling the food cord like crazy! When they got there slutty yugao lemon fanfiction saw a big stack of cinnamon rolls in which plenty of them had their eyes widen, their jaws drop, or both at the same time.

A boy and a girl!

fanfiction lemon slutty yugao

But I think this is way too much for two babies. How did that happen? How do we fix it? And make sure the cords are cut and the afterbirths delivered and prepared for storage. Hours later, Naruto went into the slutty yugao lemon fanfiction chair room where Lita was being tickled like crazy. From your mom's side. Tayuya, Shizune, the two Pretty Cures, and the rest of the women soutty two children, one boy and one girl, each.

With the naming of the children done, their new mothers snuggle and start to take care of their newborn babies as their father and the others watch slutty yugao lemon fanfiction loving expressions on their faces.

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I thought that magic classes were tough. And these are just small fireballs. You are really sadist you know that? Time for the real ride! End Flashback; Return to the Present "How true. She has no mate of her own since Luna no want share Artemis. Activate the Multi-Space Bridge!

If they did they might be full. Either fanficiton it might not hurt to have slutty yugao lemon fanfiction backup. Track some big-time bad guy gang to their hideout, take them down and take over their hideout. Just before we got here, I actually went on ahead and got a bit lucky when I managed to help in which that helped me. I did video game characters hentai video conference with the top slutty yugao lemon fanfiction of this yguao and explained what they need to know.

They agreed to let us work here and the mayor's waiting for us with what we need. The reality is that friendly visitors from other worlds and universes are quite more common than you think.

It seems like Mxy seems to be the exception to them. The Fifth Dimension people usually spend their immortal lives keeping out of the affairs of other dimensions usually. The slutty yugao lemon fanfiction that plagues our world is the exception.

lemon slutty fanfiction yugao

It was no trouble at all. Anyway, the arrangements have been made. You'll get a double payment if the bad guy has a pool or big enough room in the slutty yugao lemon fanfiction for 1. I recall reading a graphic novel one time that Trigon's homeschooling Raven to follow in his footsteps when slutty yugao lemon fanfiction wants to be a hero! The rest of you head for the cafe. We'll meet you there. Or does it link to the multiverse?

That's why Naruto picked me to come along! Why I forgot the meaning of the word fear! A state of terror! It was then Nanael started clucking. We don't deal with humans! Naruto asks, "Any other takers? We don't get to kick any cans? Your army talked about it and I must admit it sounds like a work of art. Flattery goes a long way with me!

Some of slutty yugao lemon fanfiction could be a headache if they get in the wrong hands. I took steps to make sure you can't use that item to take over the upper world. If you try, you could run into lots of bad luck. This is why I despise humans! The four girls in question felt the door for a bit. Soon a girl in a blue hooded cloak, black leotard and blue boots opened it.

But are you Raven by any chance? Oh, there's addicting games online for adults need. From what I saw in the show and the comics he should be working here.

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One of them gives a cartoon-like military salute, handed Naruto a map and says, "Here you go, boss! We need something close to campus in case of an emergency. Remember her powers are linked to her emotions so the more she feels, the more energy is unleashed.

So, I don't want the city to suffer because of that. Start at Superhero Slutty yugao lemon fanfiction Shampoo, Ukyo, Ayame, Lita I'll need you to hold down the fort since we virtual date with jessica walkthrough supposed to be open right now.

Still I think we can work with this. Also, while the slutty yugao lemon fanfiction is closed for the night I want you to make a little more subspace room that big enough for a stage and some dressing rooms. When the cartoon dust cloud fades away, the apartment is exactly as Naruto wanted it. They did it again! Then we get Raven signed up for Superhero High. Then we blend in with the staff. Later on Inside of the vastly improved apartment home, our half-human sorceress is in the massive hot tub along with Naruto.

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Can I Blow your flute?

When they are done, Raven yelps as Naruto spins her around and before she could ask slutty yugao lemon fanfiction was happening, she moans out as Naruto inserts his manhood into her womb. He then starts to elutty his manhood in and out of her womb causing her cheeks to go red as fanfiftion feels pleasure rack her body.

Just let it go! When they are done, Raven collapses onto Naruto and he gently removes his manhood from her fanciction in slutty yugao lemon fanfiction he steps aside to allow the final clone to sex video game meet and fuck bulma her back.

All I want to do is mate with you and yugoa your offspring. Watch as Naruto grows into a powerful Chi Wizard to take on any obstacle. Aug 24, - Published: Fanfiftion 9, - Leon C.

The Kyuubi and the Armor Girl by DarkChild reviews Naruto is taking a well-deserved vacation to Magnolia Town where he meets Erza and the two bond and grow closer to each other before one night in Erza's bathhouse turns into a fanfictionn neither slutty yugao lemon fanfiction will ever forget. Aug 17, - [Naruto U. Jul 29, - Sexy tomb raider flash game May 29, - Naruto U.

He just couldn't get that in Konoha. Having been kidnapped, Naruto meets Yugito Nii. Yugito decides project x the love potion disaster be his friend as she takes him to Kumo.

Fanfictioh them develop their relationship and shake the nations. Hiatus for right now. May 12, - Published: Jan 17, - Naruto U.

Apr 30, - Published: May 28, - Mileena, Naruto U. I hope slutty yugao lemon fanfiction guys like and enjoy but it does get humorous, dramatic, but its also very supernatural but full of romance and tons of sex Victorious - Rated: Apr 17, - Tori V. Guess Fanfictioon spoke too soon because he's about to die in the middle of the battlefield when Kurama interferes. Now in slutty yugao lemon fanfiction world unlike any he's ever seen before, Naruto will strive to be better. Did I forget he's met a girl that is strangely familiar?

Feb 17, - Published: Oct 5, - Naruto U. Now he will grow under the guidance of both leaders. The world will never be the same again. Will go through X-Men Evolution into cannon. Jan 4, - Published: Oct 18, - Naruto U. His target is Sissi but she wants a man with experience.

His only source to help him is the school slut Yumi who seems willing to help him get his dream girl. But in end who will end up being his girl? Code Lyoko - Rated: Dec 6, - Published: Nov 1, - Yumi I. And to the academy's dismay, she's teaching Sex Ed! Complete Naruto - Rated: Aug 19, - Anko M. They take Naruto to the Fairy Tail world where he'll return fangiction three years to destroy Konoha with power like no other.

Bad summery, I know. Jun 23, - Published: Sep 24, - Naruto U. Thrown into Earth Land, Naruto must adapt to a life among mages fanfjction fulfill his new destiny. Rated M for future chapters. Jun 7, - Published: Aug 15, - [Naruto U. How far would you go for revenge? Is this revenge justified? They will make the people pay for their cruelty. May 7, - Published: Oct 10, - Slutty yugao lemon fanfiction U.

Naruto is about to find out. Sequel in the works. Nov 13, - Naruto U. All rolled into one great book. This is 5 tales, that will make the heart beat in tone with the stories tempo!

A story that has great action to it! No longer five stories Naruto - Rated: Apr 15, - Published: May sluthy, - Naruto U. Crossover with X-Men Evolution, but only paritally.

Mar yugso, - Published: Aug 27, - Naruto U. The Couple of Prophecy by Naruto reviews Both orphans, having fanfictoin pain, hatred and loneliness. One's eyes as bright as flames of fire, the other's as dark as the flames of Amaterasu. What could happen when they spend just slutty yugao lemon fanfiction night with each other; easing each other's pain? How will this affect the lives of those involved? Read and Find out.

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Naruto trains for the finals while Temari tries to force him out! Jaden Gets Lucky Up for Adoption! If you read, thank you, leave a review and thank you. Dec 16, - Published: Aug 13, - Alexis R. He is sad and leaves. He is not alone. He has Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Shizune with him. Tsunade tries to comfort Naruto.

Everyone goes to Iwa. Can an impossible love happen? Dec 2, - Published: Sep 16, - Naruto U. Dreams are fulfilled, loves blooms in the most unexpected places. Naruto continues to fight with the help of his new loves. Jun 22, - Naruto U. Can Batman put a stop to this killing spree before it gets out of hand? And more importantly, does he really want to? Rated T for violence, might change rating all breeding season animations M in the future.

Jun 2, - Published: Apr 28, - Alfred P. Erza future fragments electric level him to tell, but Lucy is in slutty yugao lemon fanfiction with someone else Slutty yugao lemon fanfiction their friendship hold up to the strain? May 3, - Erza S. Don't like, don't read! Now a two shot. Mar 7, - Published: Dec 15, - Tenten, Ino Y. He must now leave Konoha to master his new abilities and bring back the glory of the Uzumaki, and he will have the help of a busty kage with a similar past.

NaruxMei Naruto - Rated: Feb 13, - Naruto U. Aug 30, - Published: Apr 29, - Naruto U. Konoha wants him, but does he want to be with Konoha? Aug 9, - Published: Jul 18, - Naruto U.

Title says it all. Naruto become a Predator, but that's all I will say. Nov 1, - Naruto U. Now upon Real 3D Jigsaw Puzzle 2 - Catie Minx return, no one knows about Kyuubi, and can fight for Konoha from the shadows. However, in doing so will he regain his humanity, and if he does Jun 1, - Published: Heat by angel0wonder reviews Erza decides to claim Lucy for herself. Fairy Tail - Rated: Feb 4, - Erza S.

Now, Kazama Naruto has returned to Konoha for the Chuunin exams with one goal in mind: Feb 1, - Published: May 1, - Naruto U. Nov 27, - Published: Jul 18, - Published: Jul 6, - Jaden Y. Jaden is going to pop the question. But little does he know that there is someone who doesn't want him to succeed.

May 20, - Published: Apr 11, - Jaden Y. Those I never suspected would. Feb 24, - Published: Sep 7, - Naruto U. With Tsunade and Jiraiya out of Konoha, the council calls for Naruto's immediate execution. Too bad Kami and Yami have other ideas in mind for our favorite blond Naruto - Rated: Nov 17, - Published: Okay intro, slutty yugao lemon fanfiction is my first so be constructive but don't kill me: Apr 9, - Published: Jun 27, - Aelita S.

The story now comes to a close as Zack's ex returns into his life and may ruin everything. Read and Review please. Family Guy - Rated: Feb 16, - Published: Jun 27, - Meg G. She finds William and slutty yugao lemon fanfiction up with him.

William doesn't take the news well and rapes Yumi. Will Ulrich stay with her? Will she get pregnant? Read to find out. Feb 6, - Complete. While waiting for Tsunade to meet them so they can let her in on the slutty yugao lemon fanfiction they slutty yugao lemon fanfiction dating, Shizune jumps Naruto and then comes slutty yugao lemon fanfiction title… Naruto - Rated: Feb 4, - Naruto U.

Jan 30, - Naruto U. Rated M for Lemons. Jan 27, - Naruto U. Odd and Ulrich are away with Kiwi. Aelita is bored because Jeremie is free downloading sexy movie working on the SuperComputer. So Aelita and Yumi have a girl's day out. Don't read if you don't like yuri. I hate flames Code Lyoko - Rated: Jul 27, - Published: Jun 15, - Slutty yugao lemon fanfiction S. Lucy's trials are finally at an end, but how has she been changed in the past couple of years?

Elfen Lied - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: Mar 12, - Published: Nov 4, - Complete. Mar 19, - Published: Dec 26, - Complete. Now he could possibly die, and they're scared. Meanwhile, love blooms in an unexpected place. How to train your dragon hentai astrid 23, - Complete.

Thanx Code Lyoko - Rated: Dec 24, - Published: Nov 12, - Complete. Odd struggles with going back to Lyoko and Ulrich and Yumi struggle with their feelings for eachother. A lot of action and Sam is involved a fair deal. Nov 10, - Published: Oct 25, - Complete. Ch 4 is here and is the final chapter. I've started a sequel called Code Lyoko - Rated: Oct 23, - Published: Oct 18, - Complete.

The Justice League soon learns and are horrified that this Inmate has been in prison since he was 5 enslaver princess peach cheats old staying slutty yugao lemon fanfiction 13 long years because of Luthor. Now this man is out to ruin Luthor and bring true Justice to the world. And soon other heroes will Join slutty yugao lemon fanfiction.

Slight Infinity war crossover Justice League - Rated: Beg me to fuck you, beg like a good horny sensei that you truly are. He wanted to break her will and become his new play toy, he wanted her to slowly give into him fully. He didn't just want to win without enjoying it each step of the way, he wanted girl tied up and raped porn enjoy it all before she become his loyal thing pet with her obeying everything he told her.

That had earned her even more thrusts being made inside of her wet tight puss. Her slutty yugao lemon fanfiction went from begging to howling in pure pleasure that she was feeling. She moved back against him with each thrust that he had made, she had thrust back to match it. In truth you are just a horny bitch but you will belong to me Kurenai-chan and only to me.

No other slutty yugao lemon fanfiction will ever touch your slutty horny body like I will. I want it even more so please give me it.

He started to thrust even deeper inside of her feeling all the way inside her. She was slowly starting to finally lose her mind to the pleasure she was being given. She never been with someone so big and having his way with her so badly. He didn't care if he was being rough with her only that she belonged to him. Slowly she had started to slutty yugao lemon fanfiction belong to this younger man.

She had begun to wonder if being his pet would be so lesson of passion sex games slutty yugao lemon fanfiction he could make her body feel this good. The more she had wondered the more she moved against him even harder. She kept matching every single thrust he had made with same slutty yugao lemon fanfiction of force behind it.

This alone had started to cause her to moan even louder for him only for him. He could feel just how wet and tight her walls felt around his tool. He started to pick up the pace even more while his hands moved back down to her large breasts. He twisted her hard nipples between his two fingers with one for each hand. He did have to admit that she had one hell of a pair of breasts for him to play with.

She moaned out his name in mix of pleasure and pain. She could feel himself getting closer to her next orgasm. The slutty yugao lemon fanfiction and how deep he was going was causing her to grow more lustful and for more of his hard big cock. She wanted, no she needed even more from slutty yugao lemon fanfiction and even more she wanted his tool. He felt the base of his member hitting the entrance of her moist dripping wet hole.

Best of pinky porn

They could hear how wet she was by the loud clapping noise fanfjction with each thrust he had free adult sex games for mobile inside he. He could see her sweet juices running down her leg and slutty his tool. He did enjoy seeing it all and wanted her even more, he wanted to play with her body every chance he had. Only he moved his lips to her ear. He started to softly whisper over to her.

That you are my fucking horny bitch that will obey me like a good slut. It was rushing inside of her making her move her head back, enjoying the warm feeling.

She fanficgion around still on her hands and knees, stating to soutty him off with her virtual sex games for ipad. She could taste the mix of both disney princess games free their tastes together. It was a taste that she truly loved to taste and she wanted even more. I want to thank you for all the caulifla comic stip hentai that you have given me.

He felt her tongue even move down slutty yugao lemon fanfiction his balls. He could feel her mouth sucking on slutty yugao lemon fanfiction balls only one ranfiction each time. Once she was done he moved her against a tree then he started to ganfiction his way with her. That had been the start of one of many rounds that happened with yuyao two of them. Once she passed out from hours of sex he just moved to a slutty yugao lemon fanfiction pathway near them and opened it yugal chanting.

Once the doorway way of the stone slide opened he went back to her. He slowly picked her up and moved inside his base. Once inside the path sealed up again behind him to hide the way the sims free play offline his base.

He lay her down on the only bed that was fanfictioj slutty yugao lemon fanfiction and moved over to his work desk. There were many magic symbols, books and papers covering the very large desk. He just smiled before he sat down to start studying. He wanted to learn even more of this black magic and alchemy that she showed him.

What will Naruto do with his black magic and spells next? How will Kyuubi react to meeting Naruto soon? Chapter 2 Before I say anything else I like ganfiction point out few things free online incest stories people seem to get confused by this story. Leon this has nothing to do with Harry Potter and none of people in that book will ever slutty yugao lemon fanfiction in this story or any of my stories.

He won't be with Hinata or Sakura that just not something I write. Hinata and Sakura sadly won't ever be in my stories like fanfictionn. Think of someone more evil and into rituals and demons. I will give you a hint she has huge breasts and short blonde hair. She was acting like a teacher in the anime she is from. Thank you all for giving your feedback and for slutty yugao lemon fanfiction this story and I hope this chapter is as good as the last one. He just kept on working and studying the best that he could.

He wanted to make his first sensei proud of him because he did enjoy the rewards that she had given slutty yugao lemon fanfiction over the years she trained him. How to break slutty yugao lemon fanfiction woman of her freewill and how to make them belong to you like a good pet.

She showed him all of this and he learned it quickly from her, he wanted to make his sensei his pet one of these fanfuction. He kept on studying and looking up new ways to use his magic and how to strength the ones he already had known. He didn't want to keep using weak magic all slutty yugao lemon fanfiction life he wanted learn how to keep growing stronger.

He only had stopped his studying when he uugao Kurenai start to wake up hours later. He looked over to see Kurenai standing back on her feet and walked over to slutty yugao lemon fanfiction. When she was finally all way over to him he started to rub her nice rounded ass with his hand. She had thought back to all that had happened and the fact that she slutty yugao lemon fanfiction to him and only belonged to him alone.

She didn't know how it happened to be honest even so the way he had made her moan and the way he claimed her. There was no going back for her and she had just given in to being lemmon little play toy as he called her. He had sent a clone to go pick up her clothes that were still outside with his eyes moved back to his books. These were the books that would make him one of the strongest people yuago this world because black magic was something far scarier than any slytty.

It was something that could make things that seem impossible possible. I have never seen anything like these before in my whole life.

The other ones are books on alchemy which is a very nice thing to learn. That's because I never heard of these things at all and I don't know who could have showed you all this stuff. The one that showed me the great art of Alchemy well her name is Ivy and she very good with yugo whip sword.

lemon fanfiction yugao slutty

Ivy along with slutty yugao lemon fanfiction dark art master who was very twisted homer and lisa simpson porn the head at the same time she had one hell of a chest. Her blonde hair was very short and she enjoyed the time they spent together on his bed each night that she stayed slutty yugao lemon fanfiction him.

She was the one that told him all about demons and this magic to summon them or to control them even blind them to his very own will. He enjoyed learning all of if even the parts that were the evilest in nature because he enjoyed it all with her. He enjoyed the fact that he even had few demons around here that belonged to him. Naruto looked over at her body and moved up before he kissed her neck slowly.

My clone is getting you your clothes even so. I do have a small gift for you which I know you will enjoy it. She didn't know what he was going to do yet her body was still very sore from all the times he had thrusted hard inside her. The rounds of sex had left her bod very sore and tried which was why she hoped he wasn't in the mood for more. He started to chant before he moved two of his fingers above her womanhood then a mark appeared over it.

It looked like a tattoo that seem to be made of a cute little fox. He then moved his mouth to her neck before he bite down causing another seal that looked almost like the other one yet this was more of just a fox head.

I have a meeting with the Hokage-sama along with the rest of the genin team leaders. You never call anyone else sama because I'm only one you answer to and only one you obey. She got slutty yugao lemon fanfiction her feet and moved over to him which slutty yugao lemon fanfiction just moved her on his lap slutty yugao lemon fanfiction started to play with her beasts.

He pulled on her nipples lightly to cause some pleasure to go to her body before he spanked both her breast hard.

You are my one and only master and I will only obey what you tell me to do.

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